Elderly Care services at Home

We provide tailored packages of elderly care services, ensuring all your needs are catered to with the empathy you deserve.

Caring for the elderly at home

Our elderly care services are designed to ease some of the pressures for individuals who may be finding it difficult to stay on top of general housekeeping and personal care tasks. At home care services are on hand to benefit people who want to maintain an independent life but could also benefit from some additional support with daily tasks and support with their general wellbeing.

Whilst promoting independence wherever possible, Mayfair Care Agency ensures privacy and dignity is respected at all times as we care for elderly people at home. We ensure each recipient of care feels as confident as they do comfortable in the place they are most familiar with.


For an individual consultation or any other enquiries, please contact us on 01386 41492

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The importance of elderly care

Home care for the elderly is important for endless reasons.

It can provide much-needed care and support for older adults to continue to live happy and healthy lifestyles while remaining in their homes.

Our home care services for the elderly ensure your loved one is checked on consistently, receiving quality companionship and regular check-ins to make sure their health and well-being are always at the forefront of care practices. We aim to give elderly adults the ability to remain independent in their own homes while receiving the support they need to promote their wellbeing.

Companionship for the elderly

Studies have shown that loneliness in elderly people can cause a significantly increased risk of heart disease, depression, and anxiety. Our home care services provide companionship and friendship to older adults, maintaining positive social interactions, cognitive function, and healthy brain activity.

We provide elderly adults with the assistance, friendship, and support they require to maintain a fulfilling routine that encourages social interaction.

Mobility assistance

Mobility issues can be a growing concern in older age, restricting independence and quality of life. Our carers are trained to help assist with mobility issues, ensuring the safety and comfort of the customer is always the priority when getting around.

Our carers can assist with any walking aids, or in-home mobility aids, as well as assist with tasks that may otherwise be too challenging, such as bathing, dressing, and housekeeping.

Help with personal hygiene

Our home care team can provide assistance with personal hygiene and other general hygiene tasks that elderly adults may be struggling to stay on top of.

From body washing to oral hygiene, all our care practices are performed with respect and dignity at the forefront, so that you always feel comfortable with the level of support you receive.

Incontinence care

Adults struggling with incontinence can lack self-esteem and become isolated. Complications with continence can be socially disruptive, discomfiting, and feel like a burden that’d rather be avoided.

With incontinence care from one of our fully-trained  carers, we can ensure you have the support you need to feel confident in maintaining your routine.

Having healthy, balanced, and varied meals maintain and improve cognitive function and ultimately your wellbeing.

For this reason, meal preparation services are hugely beneficial to elderly customers and those who require support with a set diet or would simply benefit from the convenience of food preparation.

While catering to personal care needs, we are also dedicated to ensuring your loved one is engaged socially.

While we do all we can to make their routine easier, we feel it's equally important to develop our customers' routines to encourage independence and promote their wellbeing.

Elderly Care FAQs

Our elderly care packages are bespoke to each customer. To get started, just get in touch with us to arrange a consultation.

You can either fill in our online contact form, email admin@mayfaircareagency.co.uk, or call 01386 41492.

All of care packages begin with a chat about your needs and how we can tailor the care plan to you and your loved one. 

During this process, we will make an assessment of their requirements and determine how best we can help. As we build relationships with our customers, we conduct ongoing reviews of their needs.


In addition to having your loved one's needs catered for, we work tirelessly to develop our relationships with each customer. 

By preserving their independence in the place they feel most familiar, we continuously build our understanding of every customer's condition, learn their preferences & interests, and do our utmost to help them feel confident in their routines. 

We can provide care visits as little or often as required. Whether it be multiple visits throughout the day to prepare meals, or a semi-regular visit to check-in for a chat and a tidy-up. 

As time goes on, we will review whether more  frequent visits are necessary as we learn more about your loved one. If memory is becoming more of an issue, or we feel there is an increasing safety risk when they are left alone, we will work with you to increase the level of support. 

Private care is paid for directly by the customer, however we advise researching the support available from public funding or benefits. 

If you're not sure whether there is support available from your local authorities or healthcare provider, get in touch for a chat so we can point you in the right direction.  

Would you like further information about our elderly care services?

If you would like more details about our elderly care services, please do not hesitate to call us on 01386 41492 or filling out the form.

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