Medication Assistance & Prescription Support

Mayfair Care agency is here to take the stress out of medication management and help with prescriptions.

Assistance With Taking Your Medication

If you or your loved one is taking medication - particularly a few different types - it can be challenging to manage.

Mayfair Care Agency is here to help you with your prescriptions. Our carers are happy to manage your or your family member’s medication and liaise with doctors and pharmacists to order more, or we can assist in prompting you to take your medication and simply be there for vital extra support.

For an individual consultation or any other enquiries, please contact us on 01386 41492

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Dealing with medications

Many people of all ages find it difficult to manage medication. We can offer you or your family member assistance to ensure you are taking the right medicine at the right time. We can prompt, remind, or give full support by administering medication.

Monitored dosage

We can assist you or your family member by arranging to have the prescribed medication put into a Monitored Dosage System by the pharmacist. Although this involves remembering to take the medication at the right time, it takes away the worry of organising or re-ordering medication, which takes a lot of the stress away. With this system, once the medication has been taken it will be clearly marked to avoid confusion.

Holistic care

We can also discuss your or your family member’s health needs with you in general. And if an appointment with a healthcare professional is required, we can help make the appointment. We may also accompany you or your loved one to the appointment.

Need help with prescriptions?

We can organise prescriptions and ensure that prescriptions go into the doctor's surgery on time. We can also collect items from the chemist when they are ready and then bring them to you or your loved one or arrange for regular deliveries straight from the pharmacy if this service is preferable.

Would you like further information about medication assistance?

If you would like more details about our medication assistance services, please do not hesitate to call us on 01386 41492 or filling out the form.

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