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We Answer Commonly Asked Questions About In Home Personal Care

Personal care services are described as aiding and supporting someone in personal living daily requirements such as dressing, washing, and going to the toilet. Personal care services are commonly used by the elderly and disabled, who need additional help completing tasks safely. This can be as involved as required by the individual to ensure they are comfortable and well looked after, while maintaining a healthy level of independence.

If you or a loved one are happy and confident to remain in your own home, regular home care visits are an excellent next step to bridge the gap between full-time care.

If some key daily tasks, such as washing and dressing, have started to become more difficult, it is a safe option to keep your independence by choosing regular visits from our friendly and professional care team.

Our care services include (but are not limited to) personal care, light domestic/housework help, meal and medication preparation and Alzheimer’s/Dementia care.  Combatting loneliness and companionship is another key reason why our home care services help those who don’t have regular visitors.

Examples of tasks we help with regularly include shopping, meal preparation, laundry, prompting medication, rehabilitation from injuries, dressing and undressing, bathing. moving around safely and more.

At Mayfair Care Agency, it’s important to us to consider each one of our clients on an individual basis. No two people require the same care package, so we will create a tailored plan with all relevant parties to provide the care that is important. This will be regularly reviewed as things change based on carers reports and the medical needs of the individual.

The main aim of Mayfair’s personal care service is to help users feel safe and looked after in their own homes. Personal home care can be a welcome addition to a loved one’s life, easing worry as tasks become more difficult, but maintaining a semi-independent life. It is very important to most of us especially going into old age to have a voice and say in what happens to them. Not only this, but it also helps prevent family and friends from excessive worrying about loved ones, as the care assistants will lighten the load of daily care to ensure their needs always come first.

In terms of visiting frequency, we can help as little or as often as required for your loved ones to lead the life they wish to. If users struggle with mobility, it may be that a visit at the start and end of each day to help with dressing and showering works best.

However, if forgetfulness and safety are becoming an issue, more regular visits may work better to ensure food and medication are taken care of.

A private home care agency such as Mayfair Care allows a loved one to remain in their chosen and familiar environment. Our professional and highly trained care assistants are a welcome friendly face to provide physical and emotional support to your loved ones, so you can concentrate on spending quality time with them. It removes the stress of arranging for continual care, our experience allows us to provide regular trusted support. Home care is also usually significantly less expensive than a residential care home.

All the staff at Mayfair Care Agency have adequate training to meet our user’s needs. They all have an enhanced DBS check and are fully insured for personal and public liability.

We do our utmost to ensure the same rotation of carers visit our clients to ensure continuity of care is maintained and a friendly, familiar face visits as much as possible.

Our head office is based in Evesham, with our key care focus area in Worcestershire. Our clients are based in the surrounding areas of Worcester, Droitwich, Pershore, Evesham, Broadway and surrounding villages. Please contact us to confirm our availability in your area.

Our private home care services are designed to each client’s needs. The cost of home care packages will depend on the amount and frequency of care hours per week required. With private home care, you only pay for the level of care that you need and want on a one-to-one basis.

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